SAGOLA introduces its new range of professional line RAIDER 300 versión. 
This line, exclusively designed and manufactured for professional use, gathers high standards both in term of performance and image.
Within the quality standards we focus on simplicity and durability. Thus, we have redesigned completely the hydraulics. Now it contributes to a long-lasting life even in the worst working conditions and without waiving on its performance.
The RAIDER range has been designed and manufactured focusing on the needs of medium metal and wood-working factories. 
Easy-to-use and very low air consumption. Low maintenance. Ideal for high production.
Applications: Waterborne, fonds, enamels, laques and light primers.

Dimensions 415 x 390 x 745 mm
Pneumatic cylinder Ø 95 mm
Stroke 68 mm
Max. air consumption (60 cycles/min) 370 L/min
Air inlet pressure max 7 bar
Supply hose minimum ø 6 mm - 1/4"
Product outlet pressure maximum 200 bar
Free flow (60 cycles/min.) 1.8 L/min
Air inlet 1/4"
Product inlet Ø 12 x 21 mm.